Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins
Scott O'Dell
Adapted by Amber Harris

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  Table of Contents IslandofBlueDolphinsToC
  Vocabulary IslandofBlueDolphinsVocab
Chapter 1 What will happen to Karana's Island? IslandofBlueDolphinsCh1
Chapter 2-3 Karana wants to keep her Island safe. IslandofBlueDolphinsCh2-3
Chapter 4-5 Karana's life has changed forever. IslandofBlueDolphinsCh4-5
Chapter 6-7 Karana's like will change again. IslandofBlueDolphinsCh6-7
Chapter 8-9 Life is hard on the Island IslandofBlueDolphinsCh8-9
Chapter 10-11 Karana is alone. IslandofBlueDolphinsCh10-11
Chapter 12-13 Karana learns to survive. IslandofBlueDolphinsCh12-13
Chapter 14-15 Wild dogs like on the Island. IslandofBlueDolphinsCh14-15
Chapter 16-17 Karana and Rontu like on the Island. IslandofBlueDolphinsCh16-17
Chapter 18-19 Karana loves the Island of the Blue Dolphins. IslandofBlueDolphinsCh18-19
Chapter 20-21 Karana feels safe on the Island. IslandofBlueDolphinsCh20-21
Chapter 22-23 Karana makes a new friend. IslandofBlueDolphinsCh22-23
Chapter 24-25 The animals are Karana's family now. IslandofBlueDolphinsCh24-25
Chapter 26-27 Karana has a new pet. IslandofBlueDolphinsCh26-27
Chapter 28-29 Karana wonders if she will ever leave the Island. IslandofBlueDolphinsCh28-29
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