Taking Sides

Taking Sides
Gary Soto
Adapted by Amber Harris

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  Table of Contents TakingSidesToC
  Vocabulary TakingSidesVocabulary
  Repeated Story Lines TakingSidesStoryLines
Chapter 1 Linc liked living in the barrio TakingSidesCh1
Chapter 2 Linc makes new friends TakingSidesCh2
Chapter 3 Linc's life has changed TakingSidesCh3
Chapter 4 Linc learns about people TakingSidesCh4
Chapter 5 Linc visits his old neighborhood TakingSidesCh5
Chapter 6 Linc must decide how to act TakingSidesCh6
Chapter 7 Linc made a good choice TakingSidesCh7
Chapter 8 Linc has new feelings TakingSidesCh8
Chapter 9 Linc deals with bad luck TakingSidesCh9
Chapter 10 Linc had a bad day TakingSidesCh10
Chapter 11 The coach was mean to Linc TakingSidesCh11
Chapter 12 Linc tried his best TakingSidesCh12
Chapter 13 Linc kept old friends and made new friends TakingSidesCh13
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